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Material Foundry



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The pen is a multi-functional device that adds a new way to interact with Foundry. It functions similar to a base, but acts more like a mouse, allowing the user to click on elements on the screen, create and edit drawings, place and edit templates, target tokens, and more.

It uses 2 infrared LEDs for the sensor to detect its position and orientation, allowing you to not only move, but also rotate objects*. Using 4 switches and an on-screen menu, multiple actions can be assigned to the pen.

The pen is charged and programmed using the dock. The charge indicator LED is located on the side of the pen to indicate the charging state.


  • 110mAh battery
  • Charging and programming using the dock
  • 2 Infrared tracking and 1 red indicator LEDs
  • 4 switches
  • 16x105x8mm (WxLxH)
  • 13 gram

*Because of the way Material Plane detects the pen and its button presses, you can only use one pen at a time and you cannot use it while moving bases.

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