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The main function of the dock is to charge the bases and pen. It can charge up to 4 bases and 1 pen at the same time. Each base charging slot has an led to indicate the charging status.

The top-left base slot and the pen slot can also be used to program and configure the bases and pen through the USB-C port.

You can stack multiple base and one sensor charging dock expansions on top of the dock. Each of the base charging dock expansions adds 4 additional base charging slots, while the sensor charging dock expansion allows you to charge the sensor on top of the dock.


  • Charges up to 4 bases and 1 pen at the same time
  • Program and configure bases and pens
  • Stack max 4 base charging dock expansions or 2 base and 1 sensor charging dock expansions
  • 5VDC at max 2500mA over USB-C
  • 81x80x16mm (WxLxH)
  • 68 gram
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