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Wide-Angle Lens

Wide-Angle Lens

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The wide angle lens can be optionally installed in the sensor to increase the field of view. This allows you to either move the sensor closer to the display, or use a bigger display.

The lens will be required for some setups, for example, if there isn't a lot of distance between the sensor and display, or if the display is too big. See the 'Minimum Display-Densor Distance' section of the Ordering Guide for more information and a table to determine if you need one.

By ordering the wide-angle lens on this page you will have to install it yourself*. If you want it pre-installed you can select it when buying one of the kits.


  • Increases the field of view of the sensor
  • 70x55x24 (WxLxH)
  • 17 gram

*To install the wide-angle sensor yourself you will need to open the sensor enclosure. The enclosure is held together using clips that are not designed for multiple openings. Opening the sensor can result in one or more clips breaking, which is usually not a big problem, but can at some point prevent the enclosure from properly closing. Damage resulting from opening the enclosure is not covered by the warranty.

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