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Material Foundry



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Each mini that you want to track using Material Plane requires a base. The base contains an infrared LED that is activated by touching the left or right side of the base. This infrared LED is detected by the sensor, allowing it to know the position of the base. A red LED is included to indicate that the base is active, since the infrared LED is not visible.

Besides detecting the position of the base, the sensor is also able to detect the battery level of the base and the base's identification number. Each base has its own (configurable) identification number so the sensor can know exactly which base is detected*.

Up to 4 bases can be charged at the same time in the dock, which can be expanded using the Base Charging Dock Expansion, which expands the capabilities by 4 per expansion. You can stack multiple of these expansions on top of the dock. The dock also allows you to program the firmware of the base.

The base has an embedded magnet. By attaching either a square or round magnet to the bottom of the mini you can securely (but not permanently) attach the base to the mini.


  • 120mAh battery
  • Charging and programming using the dock
  • Infrared tracking and red indicator LEDs
  • Power switch
  • Felt on the bottom to prevent damage to your display
  • 30x30x8mm (WxLxH)
  • 8 gram

*The base identification number and battery level are only detectable if one base is moved at a time. If more bases are moved, the sensor uses a different method to distinguish bases which is less precise, but will still work fine in the majority of cases.

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